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Grilled Sticky Chicken

Smoked Bros Grilled Chicken Recipe
Grilled Sticky Chicken Recipe

This is an easy and quick recipe to get award winning flavor in the mouths of your peeps. Everyone loves sweet, sticky, and smokey flavor on tender chicken and you will deliver with this insider recipe. Deploy this sweet, salty, and tangy sauce that is caramelized beautifully and will make mouths water fo' show.

Pro Tips:

1: You are going to want a cold beer or your preferred adult beverage near by... there is fire... enough said.

2: Use bone-in, skin-on chicken pieces.

3: Preheat your grill to medium-high heat and control flame ups. (Between 350 F and 400 F)

4: Use a meat thermometer (probe style)... Don't give your friends food poisoning... They came for BBQ not the squirts.

Smoked Bros Grilled Sticky Chicken Recipe
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The Longer You Marinate, The Better It'll Taste... However, with moderation.. Don't get weird.

Marinade Your Yardbird
Chicken Marinade Times

Oil. Your. Grill Grates.

Don't go to your garage and get some 10w-30! You need to use your preferred cooking oil. Oiling your grates helps to keep your chicken from sticking in those early stages of cooking.

* Technical Note: This may seem like a frivolous extra step but it could be the difference between delicious, saucy chicken with skin on, and a messy piece of dry, skinless poultry.

Turn or Burn!

When using a sauce like this, we want to see all those sugars caramelize nicely but that can sometimes lead to meat that is too charred. Turning your chicken pieces every so often will ensure that no side cooks to quickly and none of it will be burned. Cook each side for approximately 6 minutes, or until you see the desired crust, and then move to indirect heat to finish cooking, turning each piece occasionally. Continue cooking until the internal temperature is 160 to 162 degrees F as measured on an instant read thermometer.

Let us know below what your thoughts are regarding this recipe and PLEASE share with your friends!!



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