BBQ and military Roots

Barbeque (BBQ) is as American as apple pie.  The first tribe encountered by Christopher Columbus on the island he named Hispaniola had developed a unique method for cooking meat over an indirect flame, using green/wet wood to keep the food (and wood) from burning while the tribe continued to forage. 


In 1540, close to present-day Tupelo, Mississippi, the Chicksaw tribe showed explorer Hernando de Soto how to cook a pork feast over hot coals. Eventually, the technique made its way to the original colonies, traveling as far north as Virginia. In 1755, the word “barbecue” was entered into Samuel Johnson’s The Dictionary of the English Language.


 America's BBQ was created out of necessity but has evolved into a craze all across the country.  Every time there is favorable weather, a gathering of 6 or more, or a national holiday... the grill is fired up.  American BBQ is not easily defined and is as ritualistic as a religion.  


The flavors and ritual aspects provide a scene of calm, normalcy, and comfort.  The time-honored tradition of firing up a grill is a much-needed break for service members when they are deployed.  Since the Revolutionary War, soldiers have used BBQ in an attempt to reconnect to their roots and celebrate victories.  


BBQ is the backbone of American cuisine, and the art of BBQ has been practiced worldwide by service members. Below are a few scenes from different deployment BBQs showing our team's experience in cooking over fire. 


Combat & Down Range BBQ

CEO and Founder

I’m Mike, a pitmaster and world foodist with a former career as a Green Beret that spanned 20 years and 27 countries.  Now I’m out of the Army, I operate Smoked Bros. For years, I was asked by family and friends for unique flavors to add to their BBQ recipes.  I ‘ve traveled the world, broadening my culinary expertise and learning new and traditional ways to BBQ.  Some of our premium craft spices are classic tastes, and others are unique cultural hybrids to bring new excitement to your pit at home.


Mikey Beaven CEO & Founder

Because BBQ is my passion, and I have traveled for most of my life, hopefully, you can taste the world in our spices and sauces. Check the blog, we will also publish DIY techniques for indigenous pits and recipes to help you replicate delicacies from far-off lands in your own backyard.