Combat Boots, military Roots, And BBQ Rubs

Special Forces Veteran Company

     There is nothing more traditional than firing up a BBQ with family and friends and celebrating life among the rich aromas and sounds of a sizzling grill. This is something that the team at Smoked Bros know better than anyone else. 

     Born out of the bond created during their service in Special Operations, the unbroken and enduring oaths that underpinned their military life led to an idea that has become a shining example of how Veteran Owned Businesses can thrive in a post-deployment world.          

     Whether it be feeding themselves in the field or spending some much-needed R&R with their loved ones, it was the BBQ that provided the one constant in their lives that gave everything a sense of normalcy and calm.

     CEO and Founder of Smoked Bros Mikey Bee, who served as a Green Beret for over 15 years in 27 countries, realized the important status that the BBQ had achieved. Literally discovered by the first European settlers to the Americas, the technique has expanded its cultural significance to become an integral part of our way of life; delivering moments that will stay with you forever. As a skilled pit master and an authority on global BBQ techniques, Mikey was determined to tap into this American tradition and turn his passion for the grill into what has become the phenomenally successful Smoked Bros. 


Pro 2nd Amendment Company
    Where they are today is at the forefront of ethically sourced spices, seasonings and rubs which elevate the unpretentious BBQ to a level rarely experienced before. Fashioned through premium ingredients, unique cultural hybrids and classic tastes, Smoked Bros have developed kinetic flavor profiles that will transform your culinary expectations. All in the full knowledge that the recipes were created whilst defending the greatest country on earth.
    Most important of all, Smoked Bros is determined to give back to the community that has supported our way of life. With every purchase a portion of their sales is returned to America’s soldiers, first responders and front-line staff who unselfishly make this country stand above the rest. That honorable dedication to community has seen their sales grow month over month to levels they could never have imagined before.
Smoked Bros Dry Rub Brisket

     Creating spices and seasonings learnt through a lifetime of studying how different cultures around the world had embraced the BBQ, Mikey devoted himself to building a company run by veterans specifically designed to overcome the challenges of returning to civilian life. His ambition was to found a company with a core set of principles that would propel Smoke Bros forward and replicate the team values he had learnt in the combat zone. 

“It’s not about creating financial value, but building an emotional connection between employer, employee and the community. As executives and leaders, we stand on the shoulders of our employees and without their support, we would not be where we are today”.  

 - Mikey Bee

     No matter where you are in this great country of ours, be comforted in the knowledge that your purchase will support your veterans and give them the tools to build a complete and rewarding future for themselves and their families. As Smoked Bros enters their second year, that tradition of supporting each other learnt through combat experience is set to continue as the company expands its exciting range of flavors and products.  

     Become part of the Smoked Bros family and discover an amazing world of tastes and experiences that will transform the way you cook on the grill. 

Veteran Owned. Savor the Moment. Spice Up Your Life.