2022 Spring Recipes That Will Impress Any Guest

2022 Must Have Recipes

Freshly sourced spices with the right cooking technique will bring out the best in any cut of meat.

Grilling is the most elemental way to cook. There's the burning wood, charcoal, or gas-producing heat, and there's your food sizzling in that heat. It's simple, but it can be daunting. How do you know when your meat is done? How do you get an even sear? As with most things, understanding the details of the process is what allows you to reach perfection. Each the recipes will have technical notes and fine details to help guide you on your journey.

Start the spring with Smoked Bros bbq dry rubs and craft blends that make it so simple to deliver EXTREME flavor! However, all of these recipes can made with the everyday spices you probably have in your cupboard. But, we love Smoked Bros blends and their versatility that can be rub on everything from tofu to chicken to pork to burgers to steak. Smoked Bros is always ready to deploy flavor! Also, feel free to make these recipes your own by doubling or tripling the ingredients for your preferred flavor profiles.



Tulsa Torpedo or Smoked Fatty

Moderation isn't a term associated with the Tulsa Torpedo. This devilishly delicious smoked treat is enough to kick off any backyard party. The only way to adequately describe a Tulsa Torpedo is as a pork-based meatloaf on steroids with rich notes that you will dream about for weeks to come.

Making a Tulsa Torpedo is pretty straightforward. Just follow the simple recipe to be a backyard hero.


2: Apple Butter BBQ Chicken

Apple Butter BBQ Chicken Recipe

Easy and delicious are the two terms associated with our Apple Butter BBQ Chicken. This devilishly delicious treat is enough to kick off any backyard party. The only way to adequately describe it is as a late summer BBQ party in your mouth.

Making recipe is pretty straightforward. Just follow these simple steps below to be known as a Grill God.


3: Pork Ribs 3-2-1 Technique

There is no food that screams warm weather to us than a rack of smoked pork ribs.

When we first started smoking meat, we wondered what the hell it meant to smoke ribs 3-2-1 method. Before 3-2-1, we had made several attempts at "grilling" or "smoking ribs." The ribs, if cooked improperly, can result in tough meat that has to be ripped off the bone. Which is was the typical result of our ribs until we had a full grasp of this technique.


4: Pulled Pork

This is one technique to smoke a pork shoulder with professional results--from the brine, to the rub and to smoke, to the compliments you will receive. Smoke is the key to breaking down the fat which adds flavor and moisture to the shoulder. Slow and low on the cooking temp is a must to really get the fats to render down into that supple and moist pork everyone craves. Remember, this is one of many ways to smoke a pork butt. However, play with this and make it your own technique.


5: Authentic Carne Asada

The Best Carne Asada Recipe

Carne Asada is all about the marinade. You take a nice piece of steak, marinate it with some delicious flavors, and then head out to the grill for a flavorful piece of beef you can eat plain, on a taco, burrito, or anything else you can think of. It’s so good it is often eaten plain, like the fine steak it is. Carne asada is traditionally made using skirt steak or flank steak. The two cuts are very similar and can be used interchangeably.

Serve your own mouthwatering street tacos in your own backyard!



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