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Use with caution, this salt is HOT


Our Spooky Hot Sea Salt has plenty of heat to warm up your dishes.  This bad boy is a fiery finishing salt guaranteed to set your tongue on fire. To create it, natural sea salt is blended with three of the hottest chile powders on the planet - Ghost chile powder, Scorpion chile powder and Carolina Reaper chile powder. This searing combination of the world’s hottest chiles gives ordinary sea salt a burst of incredibly spicy flavor, and just a sprinkle adds a blast of heat and flavor to finished dishes.


While these chiles are blazingly hot and too extreme for many, they can be used in small amounts to create intensely flavorful hot sauces, chili dishes and curries. Our Spooky Hot Sea Salt works perfectly as a finishing salt, adding just a touch of these chiles’ record-breaking heat to finished dishes. We recommend adding a dash of Triple Inferno Sea Salt to seasoning rubs for grilled meats, or using it to cut the buttery, rich flavors of cheesy entrees like macaroni and cheese.


Size:  5.5 fl oz bottle



Spooky Hot Sea Salt

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Spooky Hot Salt
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  • Usage: Great on everything. Add sparingly to seasoning rubs for grilled meats. Sprinkle over fresh peeled fruit, like mango or melon, for a sweet and spicy treat. Add to cheesy entrées like macaroni and cheese to help cut through buttery, rich flavors.

    Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt, Carolina Reaper Chile Powder, Ghost Chile Powder and Scorpion Chile Powder.

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