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12 oz. Standing Pouch w/resealable zipper.

*Contains No Alcohol

*Only Available in Course Ground

It’s time to add a little edginess to your mornings with Smoked Bros Coffee which is infused with Tennessee Whiskey and blended with a rich Chicory.  Barney's Blend combines the unique flavor of earthy & nutty chicory with a classic Tennessee Whiskey packed with rich notes of toasted oak, caramel, and vanilla.


Disclaimer: This coffee may mentally transport you to a relaxing campfire scene.


Symptoms Include: a lack of productivity, a deep craving to go hunting, cranking your car stereo, replacing your office chair with a lawn chair, binge-watching Alone, and urinating outdoors.


Delicious in a variety of brew methods. 



Barney was a small Malayan Sun bear, the mascot of Company Alpha, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), while deployed to South Vietnam. Barney was discovered by the Green Berets as an orphan cub and adopted as a team member.


The legend of Barney has been passed down through generations of Green Berets. There are photos of Barney drinking whiskey and playing cards with another team mascot, Jasper, the sentinel monkey. Barney earned his place on the team by conducting patrols and airborne operations. He made multiple exits from military aircraft secured inside a specially designed knapsack that would be attached to a teammate.


Sgt. Jerald Hillson was especially fond of Barney. When the sergeant's tour of duty ended, he took Barney with him and managed to ship him home in a 727.


Barney lived at Fort Bragg for two years before dying of pneumonia. Barney was given a military funeral and was hastily stuffed. Unfortunately, The taxidermist didn't do a good job. When Barney arrived at the Special Warfare Museum, people soon complained of the horrible smell.

Barney was a legend and Green Beret, so the museum couldn't throw him away. Barney is now sealed inside a plexiglass box at Fort Bragg, NC.


Barney's Blend Whiskey Infused Coffee

  • Usage:  Delicious in a variety of brew methods.

    Ingredients: 12 oz. Medium Roast Coffee and Chicory infused with Tennessee Whiskey.  *Contains No Alcohol.   *Only Available in Course Ground. 

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