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Steak Skewers with Cherry BBQ Sauce | Smoked Bros | Veteran Owned

Our barbeque steak skewers are quick to make with tender strips of NY Steak and juicy cherries stuck between the meat. Even the homemade cherry barbecue sauce is straightforward and a hundred times more flavorful than anything that can be store-bought!


Homemade barbeque sauce is easy to make, and the flavor profiles are enormous. I always like to go with some base ingredients in all of my BBQ sauces like brown sugar, some kind of soda like Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper, and fresh fruit. I’ve used mangos, rhubarb, and blueberries before, and now for this recipe, cherries!

It is an enjoyable and straightforward process. Simply add all ingredients to a saucepan and simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes. Add other ingredients like spices, different kinds of vinegar, and oils to this base to create a flavor profile you love. Ensure that sauce is blended evenly and is free of clumps.


I recommend using New York Strip steak. Slice them into thin strips to help the more expensive cuts of beef go further. They’ll cook quicker and remain juicier if cooked to medium/medium rare.

Do not forget to soak the wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes at a minimum (2 hours is preferred) before you add the meat to them. Soaking prevents the skewers from turning to ash or catching fire.

You will want to sear the steak on both sides and then move them to indirect heat to allow the steak to finish cooking to your desired temperature.

Only add the sauce when the meat is almost ready to be pulled off the grill. When it is added too early, the sauce will burn due to the sugar within the sauce. Brush the sauce on rather than pour it all over the skewers and let the sauce thicken on the skewers.

Make sure you have plenty of napkins, and enjoy!



  • 1 cup ketchup

  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar

  • 1/3 cup brown sugar

  • 2 1/2 cups cherries pitted ( You can use frozen if you must).

  • 3/4 cup Cherry Coke

  • 1 1/2 tsp soy sauce

  • 1 1/2 tsp Cherry Blast Grill Rub

  • 1/4 tsp black pepper

  • 2 medium New York Steaks


  • Preheat your grill to high heat to ensure you get a good sear.

  • Add the ketchup, red wine vinegar, brown sugar, 2 cups of cherries, Cherry Coke, soy sauce, Cherry Blast Grill Rub, and black pepper in a medium-sized saucepan.

  • Stir and bring to a simmer.

  • Let the sauce simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring often.

Homemade Cherry BBQ Sauce

  • Prepare the steak by slicing it into thin strips.

  • Take a 6-8 inch skewer and thread a couple of pieces of steak onto it, bunching them together but not too closely.

  • Place a cherry onto the skewer from the remaining cherries left, followed by another piece of steak. Alternating between cherries and steak.

  • Repeat until all of the steak and cherries have been used. You should have about four cherries on each skewer.

  • Lightly drizzle the kebabs with some olive oil and place on the grill's direct heat.

  • Let the skewers sit for about 3 minutes on the heat, and then turn them using a pair of tongs.

  • Place them back down slightly off the direct heat for about one minute, then with a pastry brush, glaze the grilled steak kebabs with the sauce.

  • Flip the skewers and repeat with the sauce on the opposite side.

  • You can repeat on the other side and then take them off the grill to a plate to rest for a few minutes.

  • Brush the skewers lightly gain with more sauce just before serving them.

More About Smoked Bros

Offering Veteran Spices and BBQ Rubs, Smoked Bros is a SOF veteran-owned spices & seasoning company serving craft flavors to people who love the All-America pass time of BBQ. We develop our kinetic flavor profiles with the same surgical precision as our military missions, defending the greatest country on the planet.

At Smoked Bros, we use the highest quality ingredients ethically sourced from around the globe and deliver them to your front door. The quality of our craft seasonings at our price point is unmatched.

Smoked Bros BBQ Dry Rubs and Amazing Recipes

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