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Coffee-Crusted BBQ Beef Ribs

Coffee Crusted Beef Ribs

Get ready to drop some flavor bombs on your family and friends as you add in another layer of flavor to the traditional sweet / heat. Since coffee has such a rich flavor, it is sure to pack an unexpected punch and helps darken the color of your bark to create that perfect presentation.


  • 2 racks beef ribs.



1. Remove the ribs frоm the refrigerator while preparing rub and smoker.

  1. allow ribs to warm up to room temperature and remove the membrane from the down side of the ribs.

  2. The membrane is a thin skin-like layer on the bone side of the ribs known as silver skin. The membrane keeps out the flavor of the coffee rub and the smoke, turning the ribs into a rubbery nightmare that even the sharpest teeth won't be able to penetrate.

Remove the membrane from the back of the ribs

2. Mix coffee and all dry spices together to create the rub.

Mix the dry seasonings together for your rub

3. Lay the beef ribs on a large cutting board and rub with a thin coating of olive oil, then coat with the spice mix. Use your hands to press the spice mix into the ribs, making sure every inch of surface is covered and the spice mix is glued nicely onto the ribs. The ribs should have a thick, “crusty” coating.

4. Maintain a smoking temperature of 225 F for the whole cooking time and we recommend using a nice seasoned hickory. Smoking time is approximately 6 hours.

5. Beef ribs have plenty of fat so you won't have to worry about wrapping these ribs like you would with pork ribs. If you do choose to wrap them (to get the meat to fall off the bone) then do so for the fourth and fifth hour of cooking time.

6. Take an internal temperature reading: the ribs should be done when they reach 203°F.

7. Let the ribs rest for at least 30 minutes before serving. This is a critical piece to getting your tenderness.

Finished Coffee Beef Ribs

* Technical Note: If using sauce; add sauce during the last 20 minutes of the smoke. This allows the sauce to caramelize and not be two dry or wet when serving.

Let us know what you think of the recipe! Please, like, share and comment below!

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